Football Ferns in dire straits as FIFA Women’s World Cup looms

The New Zealand women’s football team has always been one of the greatest prides of Oceania, managing to compete at a high level with teams such as Brazil, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and other powers of the sport.

Just a few months before the World Cup where New Zealand will be one of the hosts alongside Australia, the Football Ferns have five losses in 2023, with two 5-0 losses to the United States, the reigning World champions, and to the Portugal, that just qualified for its first women’s World Cup. In the past weeks they lost again and could not even score a goal after two matches against Argentina, the performances have led to much criticism from the local media and also the Czech coach Jitka Klimková who has been in charge of the Ferns since 2021.

NZ Football Media

New Zealand non-winning streak reached eight matches – with no goals scored – with seven losses and a draw with South Korea in the period. New Zealand’s last win came against the Philippines by 2-1 – they are to meet again in the FIFA Women’s World Cup group stage.

If we extend the record to 2022 the situation is even worse, only two wins against Mexico and the Philippines, two draws against Wales and South Korea, and defeats to Australia (twice), Norway, Japan, South Korea, the United States (twice), Portugal and Argentina (twice). In the period there were only 6 goals scored and 28 goals conceded.

The FIFA Women’s World Cup is just around the corner and the red alert is on for the Football Ferns; the team has to improve considerably if they want to make a good showing in front of their own fans.


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