Micah Lea’alafa debuts for FK Beograd in Australia

In Adelaide, this Saturday (25th Feb), Solomon Islands international Micah Lea’alafa made his debut for National Premier League side FK Beograd, and it turned out to be a memorable one. FK Beograd had signed the former Auckland City striker and current Solomon Islands national team captain for the season, and his first appearance came in their second match of the season, away from home against MetroStars.

The match was crucial for FK Beograd as they were looking for their first win of the season after drawing their opening game, and Lea’alafa’s presence in the team brought renewed hope and excitement. As the game kicked off, the fans eagerly waited to see what the new signing had to offer.

Micah Lea’alafa

Lea’alafa wasted no time in making his mark, as he showed off his impressive ball control and dribbling skills. He also showed great awareness and positioning, constantly putting pressure on the opposition defenders.

As the game progressed, FK Beograd’s hard work paid off as they scored two goals, one in each half. Beograd took the lead at 10th minue of play, suffered an equaliser in the second half but in the late stage of the came striker Joshua Mori came in the rescure to score the winner for Beograd.

Lea’alafa skills and experience make him a potential player to have success in the league; FK Beograd coach Joshua Smith talked to Oceania Football Center and told he is keen on taking the best of the player to play a great season for his new club.


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