OFC Champions League: Decisive match ahead for Solomon Warriors and Kossa at Lawson Tama

It can go for either side: Solomon Warriors, the national champions of Solomon Islands, can be seen as favourites to represent the country at the upcoming OFC Champions League this may in Vanuatu; but Kossa, led by Telekom S-League top-scorer Gagame Feni, definitely will not let the team coached by Franco Ne’e have an easy deal.

Last week Kossa managed to score first through Feni, but could not defend their lead in the second half conceding a goal scored by the defender Aengari Gagame. The decisive clash will this Tuesday (28th Feb) at Lawson Tama Stadium. A winner will need to come out; Kossa fights to return to the most important club football tournament of the region after several years of absence, while Warriors, that have a rich history in the tournament, will rely on the experience of players such as John Alick and Dennis Ifunaoa to emerge victorious against a brave Kossa side.

Warriors and Kossa clash last week – TSL Media

The team coached by Eddie Marahare also count on experienced players, not only the Solomon Islands international and formar Suva man Gagame Feni; another internationals such as Molis Junior Gagame and Joses Nawo. The match might be one of the closest contests for a berth at the OFC Champions League group stage from all national play-offs across Oceania; the fans in Solomon Islands might be ready for an impressive clash.


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