Rewa: First goal of the season for Solomon Islands’ Kaua and Hou

Atkin Kaua and Alvin How, two talented midfielders from the Solomon Islands, have made an impressive start to their 2023 season with Fiji’s Rewa football club. In the second round of the Digicel Fiji Premier League, both players scored their first goals for the club, securing a 2-0 victory over Tailevu Naitasiri.

Kaua and How arrived in Fiji this year to bolster Rewa’s squad after having previously played for the club in 2022. Despite being unable to help Rewa qualify for the OFC Champions League group stage, the two players have started the new season strongly, with their contributions in the match against Tailevu Naitasiri proving crucial. The talented duo’s performance in the match was exceptional, with their goals being the only two of the game.

Rewa’s Kaua and Hou

Rewa, known as the Delta Tigers, has started the national league with two consecutive wins, with Kaua and How playing a significant role in their success. Kaua and How’s experience and talent have been valuable additions to the club, providing a much-needed boost to the midfield.

Atkin Kaua and Alvin How are starting to make a significant impact in the Fiji Premier League with Rewa. Their skills and contribution to the team have been crucial to Rewa’s early-season success, but the future matches will say if they can help their team to defend the national glory as Rewa is current title holders of the Digicel Fiji Premier League.


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