Fiji: Iconic Suva’s player leaves the club

Shahil Dave, a long-term representative of Suva football team, is set to depart from the team to move to New Zealand. Dave has been an integral part of the Suva team for many years, representing the team in both football and futsal competitions. The 30-year-old midfielder has also represented Fiji internationally in futsal.

Dave joined the Whites in 2014, and since then has been a key player for the team. He has played an important role in helping the team win several titles during his almost 10-year tenure with the club. He has also represented Suva FC in the OFC Champions League, a competition the team will return to play this year.

Shahil Dave – Suva FC Media

Dave’s departure from Suva is a big loss for the team, as he has been an important member of the squad for many years. However, he is moving to New Zealand with his wife due to job commitments. In talks with Oceania Football Center, Dave mentioned he aims to keep playing in New Zealand although he has nothing sure at the moment.

Dave’s departure is a reminder of the sacrifices that players often have to make in pursuit of their careers. He will undoubtedly be missed by his teammates and fans, but his legacy as a talented and dedicated player for Suva will live on.


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