Raphael Lea’i still unavailable as Velež Mostar loses local derby against Zrinjski

The local derby between Velež and Zrinjski in Mostar is always one of the most highly anticipated matches in the m:tel Premier League, and this year’s matchup lived up to expectations. Unfortunately for Velež, they were unable to come out on top, ultimately losing 3-1 to their fierce rivals.

Despite the presence of a strong squad, Velež was once again unable to take advantage of Solomon Islands’ star Raphael Lea’i, who was still unavailable to play due to local processes that needed to be completed before he could make his debut for the club. Lea’i, who signed with Velež earlier this year, has been eagerly awaited by fans and teammates alike, as he is known for his impressive skills and scoring abilities.

The match began with Silvio Ilinković scoring for Zrinjski in the 19th minute, putting the home team ahead. Velež was able to equalize with a goal from Nermin Haskić in the 29th minute, but Tomislav Kiš of Zrinjski quickly put the home team back in the lead before the first half was over.

Velež and Zrjinski teams entering pitch – FK Velež Mostar Media

In the second half, Antonio Ivančić added another goal for Zrinjski, further securing their lead and putting the pressure on Velež to catch up. Despite their best efforts, Velež was unable to make up the deficit, resulting in their first defeat of the year.

With the return of the league this Sunday (12th March), Velež will be looking to bounce back from their disappointing loss and regain their momentum. Fans and teammates alike are eagerly anticipating the debut of Raphael Lea’i, who is sure to make a big impact on the pitch once he is cleared to play.


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