Edwin Bai is back to Malampa Revivors: “I will put the team back on top”

Edwin Bai, the Vanuatu international midfielder, recently made the decision to return to his boyhood club, Malampa Revivors, in Luganville. Bai had been playing for North Efate United in Port Vila before deciding to return to his roots and join the team where he most achieved success in his football career. “I decided to return to Luganville to play for Malampra Revivors once again“, he said to Oceania Football Center – “I want to help to put things in place once again“, as Malampa Revivors, who used to dominate the local football, lost its crown to Siaraga FC, who just lost the grand final match of the VFF Champions League to Port Vila’s Ifira Black Bird.

Bai is no stranger to success on the field, having represented Malampa Revivors in two editions of the OFC Champions League and winning the VFF Champions League once. He brings a wealth of experience and talent to the team, and his decision to return is sure to be a boost for the club as they look to compete in the upcoming season.

Edwin Bai – OFC Media

Returning to Malampa Revivors is a significant move for Bai, as the team holds a special place in his heart. He had played for long for Revivors and has always had a deep connection to the team and the community in Luganville. His decision to return demonstrates his commitment to the club and his desire to help them achieve success on the field. “I want the fans to know I will put the team back on top and make Malampa Revivors champions one more time“, he said. Bai also added he aims to return to Port Vila in the future, but once he achieves his goals with Revivors.

As Malampa Revivors prepares for the upcoming season of the LFA Premier League, fans are excited to see what Bai can bring to the team. With his talent and experience, he is sure to make a significant impact and help lead the team back to winning the local league.


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