Raphael Lea’i comes from the bench as Velež Mostar collects another win in national league

Raphael Lea’i, the man of the moment of Solomon Islands, made his return to action on Saturday, 8th April, for FK Velež Mostar in the m:tel Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The 19-year-old striker came off the bench in the 82nd minute of play in the match against FK Leotar.

Lea’i’s return to action was much anticipated by his fans as he had missed the previous game in the first leg of the semifinals of the Bosnian Cup, where his team had won 1-0 against Željezničar. FK Velež Mostar won the game against FK Leotar by a score of 2-0, and climbed to the 3rd position in the national league’s table.

Lea’i joined FK Velež Mostar earlier this year, and this was his third appearance for the club. The young striker has already made an impact on the team with his skills and speed, making him a famous name across Mostar.

Raphael Lea’i – sportsposrt.ba

Raphael Lea’i is a rising star in international football and has already made a name for himself in his home country of Solomon Islands. He has been hailed as one of the most promising young players in the Pacific region, and his move to FK Velež Mostar has given him the opportunity to showcase his talent in a bigger stage. Lea’i had previously came from the bench against FK Sloboda and FK Sloga, featuring a total of 43 minutes so far of professional football in his career.


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