Solomon Islands: Prince Tahunipue returns home to play for Central Coast FC

Prince Tahunipue is set to return to his home country of Solomon Islands to play for Central Coast FC in the upcoming season of the Telekom S-League. Tahunipue is no stranger to playing in different leagues, having had stints with Wynnum Wolves FC in Australia and Galaxy FC in Vanuatu.

Tahunipue’s recent brief stint with Vanuatu’s top-side Galaxy FC allowed him to gain valuable experience, and he is now set to make a big impact for his new team. His experience playing in different leagues will be an asset to Central Coast as they hope to have a better season than in 2022 season in Solomon Islands top-tier.

Prince Tahunipue in Wynnum Wolves colours

The wing-back Tahunipue’s skills are highly sought after, and his attacking flair and speed make him a valuable asset to any team. With his seven appearances for the Solomon Islands national team, Tahunipue has demonstrated his talent and ability to compete at the highest level for his country.

Tahunipue’s skill and experience will be highly valued by his new team and his presence on the pitch will be a formidable force for opponents to reckon with. With the Telekom S-League set to start soon, fans will be eagerly anticipating Tahunipue’s performances on the field.


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