A-League: Brian Kaltak awarded ‘Coach’s Player of the Year’ for Central Coast Mariners

The Vanuatu star Brian Kaltak has been awarded the prestigious Coach’s Player of the Year award for Central Coast Mariners in Australia. The award was presented at the end of the regular season in A-League, during the night of awards for the Mariners.

Kaltak, who is 29 years old, had an outstanding season with the Mariners, which was his first professional contract. The player was nicknamed “The Brick Wall of Gosford” by the fans, due to his excellent defensive skills, which he used to great effect in the heart of the Mariners’ defence.

Kaltak was a regular starter for the club throughout the season and quickly became a fan favorite, thanks to his strong performances on the field. His impressive skills and dedication to the game earned him the recognition of the coaching staff, who awarded him with the prestigious Coach’s Player of the Year award.

Brian Kaltak and his award – CCM Media

The Vanuatu international is now focused on the semifinals of the A-League playoffs, as his team finished second in the ladder of the regular season. The Mariners will be hoping to continue their strong form into the playoffs, and Kaltak will undoubtedly play a crucial role in their quest for success.

Kaltak’s first season so far in the A-League has been a huge success, and he has demonstrated he has what it takes to be a standout in the league, who is well deserving of his accolades. Fans of the Mariners will be eagerly anticipating his contributions in the playoffs, and his performances will undoubtedly be critical to the team’s success.


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