New Zealand starts in fashion in U-20 World Cup as Norman Garbett goal seal the win over Guatemala

In a thrilling opener of the U-20 World Cup in Santiago del Estero, Argentina, the New Zealand U-20 team, showcased their strengt as they emerged victorious over Guatemala. Thanks to an impressive goal scored by Norman Garbett, forward based in Italy, New Zealand secured a crucial three points in their debut in the tournament.

One of the standout performers for New Zealand was their goalkeeper, Kees Sims. Throughout the game, Sims showcased his agility and shot-stopping abilities, making crucial saves to deny Guatemala any scoring opportunities. His presence between the goalposts instilled confidence in the entire team, and his contributions were vital to their success.

While New Zealand had limited goalscoring opportunities in a very contested match, it was Norman Garbett who provided the breakthrough. Garbett, who came off the bench, demonstrated his clinical finishing as he expertly converted a great pass from Finn Conchie into a goal. His precise strike found the back of the net, giving New Zealand the much-needed lead and ultimately securing their victory.

Donkers and his teammates celebrate their goal – FIFA

The Junior All Whites‘ victory over Guatemala has set the stage for their upcoming encounter against Uzbekistan. With three points already in their pocket, New Zealand knows that another win in the midweek fixture will guarantee their qualification for the Round of 16. Their strong start in the tournament has undoubtedly fueled their determination, and they will be eager to continue their winning momentum.


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