Suva puts strong performance against Solomon Warriors to proceed to O-League semifinal stage

In a thrilling encounter at the Soccer City Stadium in Luganville, Suva FC from Fiji emerged victorious with a commanding 2-0 win over the Solomon Warriors, securing their spot in the semifinals stage of the OFC Champions League. The match, which took place on Saturday, May 20th, showcased Suva’s exceptional skills and teamwork.

The first half saw a full-Vanuatu play unfold, as Alex Saniel, representing Suva FC, provided a brilliant assist to his national team teammate, Azariah Soromon, who skillfully found the back of the net, opening the scoring for Suva. The early goal injected confidence into the Fijian side and put the Solomon Warriors on the backfoot.

Soromon continued to pose a threat to the Solomon Islands’ champions, as he struck the crossbar with a powerful free kick later in the first half. Despite the close call, the Warriors were unable to find a way past Suva’s solid defense, leaving them frustrated as they headed into the halftime break.

Soromon (white) scoring for Suva – OFC Media

As the second half commenced, Suva’s standout player, Alex Saniel, once again made his presence felt on the pitch. Demonstrating his exceptional vision and passing ability, Saniel provided another crucial assist, this time setting up Samuela Drudru to extend Suva’s lead.

The Solomon Warriors struggled to mount a comeback and create meaningful scoring opportunities throughout the match. Suva’s disciplined defense and effective midfield play kept the Warriors at bay, leaving them unable to make a dent in the scoreline. Ultimately, the match ended with Suva FC emerging as deserving victors with a convincing 2-0 win.

Following the result, the Solomon Warriors unfortunately found themselves knocked out of the OFC Champions League. On the other hand, Suva FC’s impressive performance in this match positioned them favorably in Group A. As the Samoan side Lupe o le Soaga’s decision not to play their game against Auckland City, Suva takes the second spot in the Group A as Auckland City is likely to be awarded all the points from the unplayed match. However, the final decision regarding this game is still under analysis by the OFC.

With their confident 2-0 victory over the Solomon Warriors, Suva FC demonstrated their strength and determination in their pursuit of the OFC Champions League title. As they move forward to the semifinals stage, Suva will be looking to build upon their impressive form and continue their journey towards becoming the champions of Oceania.


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