Solomon Islands’ talented Javin Wae set to depart overseas

Solomon Islands’ international football player, Javin Wae, is set to leave Central Coast FC in the Solomon Islands and make a move to New Zealand to continue his football career. The 20-year-old central defender has confirmed his departure after the national team’s friendly matches scheduled for June. Wae has expressed his intention to join Manukau United, team that competes at the Northern Premier League in New Zealand, after being scouted by the club as he mentioned to Oceania Football Center.

Javin Wae has already made a name for himself in South Pacific, representing his country in the U-17 World Cup. His experience at such a young age demonstrates his talent and potential as a player. Wae’s contributions were vital in helping his club, Central Coast, achieve remarkable success during the 2021/22 season of the Telekom S-League, ultimately securing the championship title.

Furthermore, Wae played a crucial role in Central Coast FC’s journey to the semifinals of the OFC Champions League in 2022. Although they fell short against Auckland City, reaching the semifinals is a commendable achievement for Wae and his team.

Javin Wae – OFC Media

With his decision to join Manukau United in the Northern Premier League, Wae aims to further develop his skills and gain valuable experience in a more competitive environment. The move to New Zealand offers him an opportunity to showcase his abilities on a different stage and potentially catch the attention of scouts from higher-level clubs.

Javin Wae’s departure from Central Coast marks the beginning of a new chapter in his football journey. The move to New Zealand presents an exciting challenge for him, allowing him to test himself against stronger opposition and further establish himself as a promising talent. As he embarks on this new adventure, fans of Solomon Islands football will eagerly watch Wae’s progress, hoping for continued success and growth in his career.


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