Taniela Rakariva: the 2019 Fijian Golden Boot

With the end of the Inter-District Championship, there’s only Champion vs. Champion remaining to finish the Fiji football season, with Labasa and Ba deciding the last title of 2019. Even with these two matches not scheduled yet, it’s not too early to talk about the season’s top scorers. When we think about good forwards inContinue reading “Taniela Rakariva: the 2019 Fijian Golden Boot”

Navua looks for sponsorship

After lifting the Inter-District Championship trophy this weekend, Navua is looking ahead making plans for 2020 season after a unforgettable 2019. Navua was promoted to 2020 Vodafone Premier League after being champions of 2019 Vodafone Senior League with an incredible campaign winning all their 16 matches. Taking Inter-District Championship into consideration, they won 21 ofContinue reading “Navua looks for sponsorship”

Tevita Koroi: Fijian “Rogério Ceni”

Rogério Ceni is one of the most successful goalkeepers of all time. He is the biggest idol of São Paulo Futebol Clube, one of the greatest teams in Brazil, winning 19 trophies in 25 years with Tricolor Paulista. He also capped 16 times for Brazil National Team, being part of 2002 World Cup champion squadContinue reading “Tevita Koroi: Fijian “Rogério Ceni””