Ba can not resist to strong Auckland City

Seven-times OFC Champions League winner Auckland City faced Ba in the first match of Group D. After facing some resistance, the New Zealand side found the path through the net and smashed the Fijian team by 6-0. The pitch was not so good as Tahiti has been suffering from heavy rains recently. This match wasContinue reading “Ba can not resist to strong Auckland City”

Ba has a big challenge against Auckland City at OFC Champions League

The Fijians commanded by the New Zealand football legend Ricki Herbert are not going to have an easy challenge against the powerhouse Auckland City in the first match of group D of OFC Champions League 2020. Ba boosted their squad with the addition of the Papua New Guinean international Alwin Komolong – that might beContinue reading “Ba has a big challenge against Auckland City at OFC Champions League”

Tauhiti Keck: Vénus est prête pour la bataille

A 20:00 ce soir au Stade Pater de Pirae, Tahiti, le AS Vénus fera son début en OFC Champions League 2020 contre le Lupe ou Le Soaga. Un démarrage en douceur pour les hôtes tahitiens qui ont l’ambition de franchir cette premiere phase a groups et d’aller le plus loin possible dans la compétition continentale.Continue reading “Tauhiti Keck: Vénus est prête pour la bataille”

Dennis Ifunaoa takes Solomon Warriors ahead against AS Tiare Tahiti

The first Group C match was contested by Solomon Warriors and AS Tiare Tahiti at Stade Numa Daly. The Tahitian side fought hard but they could not find the net while the Warriors scored their only goal in the second half. Solomon Warriors needed to find some solutions as they could not count on TonyContinue reading “Dennis Ifunaoa takes Solomon Warriors ahead against AS Tiare Tahiti”

Micah Tommy: Ba is ready for the challenge

Current Vodafone Premier League winners, Ba built a very strong squad for 2020 OFC Champions League which brough lots of expectations on them. The spotlight is not only on the players as Ba count on Ricki Herbert, a very experienced head coach that managed New Zealand in 2010 FIFA World Cup held in South AfricaContinue reading “Micah Tommy: Ba is ready for the challenge”

The reasons behind Tupapa Marearenga’s withdrawl

The biggest news from this Sunday comes from OFC Champions League: Tupapa Maraerenga withdrew from the tournament. It was already reported in our website. However many things are not clear yet. According to reliable sources, Tupapa took only 15 players to New Caledonia and three of them were not allowed to play because their bloodContinue reading “The reasons behind Tupapa Marearenga’s withdrawl”

OFC Champions League: Group D venue changed for opening round

🇫🇷 Français The opening match of Group D of the 2020 OFC Champions League will be played at Stade Pater in Pirae due to the heavy rains that hit Mahina Municipal Stadium. According to the OFC competitions director Chris Kemp, the opening match was relocated due to the conditions of the playing field. The situationContinue reading “OFC Champions League: Group D venue changed for opening round”

Loea Mani and Tony Kaltack uncleared to play OFC Champions League

It was recently reported that Tupapa Maraerenga withdrew from OFC Champions League because three players were not allowed to play after failing a blood test. Tupapa is not the only team affected by this situation as Solomon Warriors also had two players that were not cleared to play the continental tournament. According to reliable sources,Continue reading “Loea Mani and Tony Kaltack uncleared to play OFC Champions League”

Didier Simane: Je crois en AS Magenta

🇬🇧 English L’AS Magenta est la seule équipe restante de Nouvelle-Calédonie dans la OFC Champions League 2020, différemment de 2019, où la collectivité d’outremer Française a connu sa meilleure année dans le football de clubs: ces deux représentants – AS Magenta et Hienghène Sport – ont atteint la grande finale du tournoi, où le clubContinue reading “Didier Simane: Je crois en AS Magenta”

BREAKING: Tupapa quitte la OFC Champions League!

Ce qui c’est passé ce matin c’est incroyable! Les tests d’immunité contre la rougeole de 5 joueurs étaient négatifs. Ils sont 3 de Tupapa Maraerenga e 2 de Solomon Warriors. Compte tenu de ce qui s’est passé ces derniers mois en Polynésie avec l’épidémie de rougeole qui a mis certains pays à genoux. Les SamoaContinue reading “BREAKING: Tupapa quitte la OFC Champions League!”