Powerful striker Tony Kaltack officially back to Erakor Golden Star

One of the most prolific strikers from Oceania is back home! Tony Kaltack, who recently turned 24, officially rejoined Erakor Golden Star for the next football season in Vanuatu. Despite being with the team in the past months, Kaltack was unavailable to play in official matches once his International Transfer Certificate (ITC) was not withContinue reading “Powerful striker Tony Kaltack officially back to Erakor Golden Star”

Second win for Tafea as Galaxy draw with Ifira in PVFA Independence Cup

Another important weekend of football took place in Port Vila Municipal Stadium and Korman Stadium in Vanuatu’s city capital Port Vila. The traditional PVFA Independence Cup had four matches on Friday and Saturday for its second matchweek in the competition. The known Tafea stuggled to beat Yatel by 2-1 in what was first match ofContinue reading “Second win for Tafea as Galaxy draw with Ifira in PVFA Independence Cup”

Telekom S-League’s Golden Boot winner still not decided

It has been almost two months since Solomon Warriors was crowned the champions of 2019-20 Telekom S-League, the main football league from Solomon Islands. However there is no recent news about the final decision regarding the Golden Boot Award winner. It is already known that Henderson Eels’ Raphael Lea’i scored 24 goals and Tony KaltackContinue reading “Telekom S-League’s Golden Boot winner still not decided”

Loea Mani and Tony Kaltack uncleared to play OFC Champions League

It was recently reported that Tupapa Maraerenga withdrew from OFC Champions League because three players were not allowed to play after failing a blood test. Tupapa is not the only team affected by this situation as Solomon Warriors also had two players that were not cleared to play the continental tournament. According to reliable sources,Continue reading “Loea Mani and Tony Kaltack uncleared to play OFC Champions League”

SIFF investigation will decide Telekom S-League Golden Boot award

The Telekom S-League night of awards already took place in Honiara; both Henderson Eels and Solomon Warriors – the teams qualified for OFC Champions League – are already prepearing for their trips to represent Solomon Islands in the regional competition. We already know Solomon Warriors won the league, Henderson Eels, Kossa and Isabel United cameContinue reading “SIFF investigation will decide Telekom S-League Golden Boot award”

Tony Kaltack never sleeps

Vanuatu international Tony Kaltack was one of the most important players from Solomon Warriors in the 2019-20 Telekom S-League. He scored 19 goals to help his team to win the league and he is already confirmed as part of Warriors squad for 2020 OFC Champions League. Kaltack is back to Vanuatu on vacation and ifContinue reading “Tony Kaltack never sleeps”

Alick & Kaltack: Solomon Islands national champions

The Ni-Vanuatu duo John Alick and Tony Kaltack were crowned champions of the Telekom S-League in Solomon Islands after their team won a match by forfeit agianst Guadalcanal. They just needed one more point to seal their titler, but the forfeit of their opponents made them win the league without even entering the field ofContinue reading “Alick & Kaltack: Solomon Islands national champions”