Telekom S-League: season opener fixtures released

The 2020 edition of the most important football league of Solomon Islands will start this weekend in Honiara. TSL media recently informed the first five games that will be taking place this weekend in the national league. On Saturday, the first match of the seaoson will see James Naka side Kossa taking on the newlyContinue reading “Telekom S-League: season opener fixtures released”

U17 National Team makes Solomon Islands proud

The year is 2018 and Solomon Islands are ready to host the U16 OFC Championship at its main venue, the Lawson Tama Stadium in Honiara. The expectations of the local team are high: would it be possible for the Solomon Islands boys to qualify for their country for the first football FIFA tournament ever? TheContinue reading “U17 National Team makes Solomon Islands proud”

Lea’alafa and Le’ai: present and future of Solomon Islands National Team attack

Football has been played around the world for around a century; the game is changing and evolving from generation to generation, and new characteristics are being introduced by new players, coaches and all those involved in the creation of the sport. It is a must to always prepare the younger generations to perform more andContinue reading “Lea’alafa and Le’ai: present and future of Solomon Islands National Team attack”

The adventure of Elliot Ragomo in Brazilian professional futsal

Solomon Islands are impressive when it comes to futsal – the Kurukuru have already taken part in three FIFA Futsal World Cups and will travel to Lithuania in 2021 to represent OFC at the 2021 FIFA Futsal World Cup, where they will play in the fourth consecutive competition at world level. With Elliot Ragomo asContinue reading “The adventure of Elliot Ragomo in Brazilian professional futsal”

New futsal court for Solomon Islands

The lack of facilities is a real problem for Solomon Islands futsal. Although Solomon Islands is the most successful futsal country in Oceania, statements about the poor quality of futsal courts and training grounds in this country are very common. In order to develop the game in the country, it was clear that SIFF andContinue reading “New futsal court for Solomon Islands”

Solomon Islands: more football and less politics, please!

Football has been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic; many important events have been postponed or cancelled – such as the OFC Nations Cup – and football leagues have had to be put on ice. Unlike Asia, America and Europe, Oceania was not as badly affected by the disease, with places like Fiji and PapuaContinue reading “Solomon Islands: more football and less politics, please!”

Solomon Islands football teams have no training grounds in Honiara

Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) recently announced that the next Telekom S-League’s season is set for August. However there is a big problem that must be solved before the kick-off: there is no training grounds in Honiara. Football teams used to run their training sessions at King George VI School (KGVI) and Solomon Islands NationalContinue reading “Solomon Islands football teams have no training grounds in Honiara”

Felipe Vega-Arango in talks to return to Solomon Islands as National Team’s head coach

It has been some months since Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) announced that they are looking for a new head coach to lead Solomon Islands National Football Team in their upcoming challenges. However due to COVID-19 pandemic the new head coach has not been announced yet. It was previously reported by Oceania Football Center thatContinue reading “Felipe Vega-Arango in talks to return to Solomon Islands as National Team’s head coach”

LaLiga-SIFF partnership helps football’s development in Solomon Islands

Spanish LaLiga is one of the biggest national football leagues in the world. But their success is not only inside the pitch as LaLiga is also a very strong brand outside the pitch. They run lots of offices and projects around the world in that help the development of the sport worldwide. One of theseContinue reading “LaLiga-SIFF partnership helps football’s development in Solomon Islands”

Solomon Islands need a new futsal court

Oceania’s most successful national futsal team does not have a sports arena to call home. The Kurukuru, as the Solomon Islands’ national futsal team is known, enjoyed the region’s greatest fame after defeating New Zealand in the grand final of last year’s OFC Futsal Nations Cup. Success in the regional competition qualified Solomon Islands forContinue reading “Solomon Islands need a new futsal court”