Powerful striker Tony Kaltack officially back to Erakor Golden Star

One of the most prolific strikers from Oceania is back home! Tony Kaltack, who recently turned 24, officially rejoined Erakor Golden Star for the next football season in Vanuatu.

Despite being with the team in the past months, Kaltack was unavailable to play in official matches once his International Transfer Certificate (ITC) was not with Erakor. His last official appearance was on 14 December 2019 at Solomon Islands’ Telekom S-League when he was playing for local powerhouse Solomon Warriors.

Tony Kaltack – OFC Media

Kaltack is not the only player back at the club, as Jacques Wanemut and Jason Thomas are also confirmed in the squad for next season. With these three players, Erakor Golden Star are strong enough to be one of the great forces in national football in the 2020-21 season.

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