The teenage dream of Fijian forward Leroy Jennings

Leroy Jennings has a quite interesting story as a footballer. Born in Australia in 1998, the forward had the opportunity to join Los Angeles Galaxy from United States when he was just 13 years old after impressing former England National Team player David Bechkam. His moment of glory happened when he tackled David Beckham’s sonContinue reading “The teenage dream of Fijian forward Leroy Jennings”

The rise of Ronaldo Wilkins

In the late 90s Ronaldo was shocking the world with his dribbles and goals. The legendary Brazilian forward won the Ballon D’Or and the FIFA World Player of the Year in 1997, two awards that are given to the best player in the world throughout the year. At the same time, on the other sideContinue reading “The rise of Ronaldo Wilkins”

TBT #07 – When Vanuatu faced the world

This week is a very special one for football fans in Vanuatu. Three years ago they had their first opportunity ever to face the world in a FIFA-sanctioned World Cup competition. Despite losing all their matches, their youth players really made Ni-Vanuatu people proud. Vanuatu managed to book a berth in the 2017 U20 FIFAContinue reading “TBT #07 – When Vanuatu faced the world”