American Kiwis #02 – Boxall performs well in Minnesota’s win

The second week of 2020 Major League Soccer is gone and now it is time to talk about the performance of New Zealanders in the biggest football league in the United States. Only three Kiwis were called for this weekend’s matches: Deklan Wynne, Elliot Collier and Michael Boxall. Wynne (Colorado Rapids) and Collier (Chicago Fire)Continue reading “American Kiwis #02 – Boxall performs well in Minnesota’s win”

American Kiwis #01 – MLS begins

The 2020 edition of Major League Soccer finally began. Twenty six teams from United States and Canada started to fight for the title of the main football league from these countries. This year will be very special for New Zealand in the MLS because there are eight Kiwis in the league. The first matchweek isContinue reading “American Kiwis #01 – MLS begins”