VFF National Super League kicks-off in Vanuatu

The VFF National Super League started on this Thursday in Vanuatu as two matches were contested at Soccer City Stadium in Luganville – the second largest city in the country. Eight teams are fighting for the national title while the top two teams qualify for 2021 OFC Champions League. The eight teams are split inContinue reading “VFF National Super League kicks-off in Vanuatu”

Lae and hosts Malampa gear up for Judgement Day

Group leaders Lae City and group hosts Malampa Revivors will take each other on in crucial Group B clash, with everything on the line for both sides. After Lae’s astonishing 7-0 victory over Lautoka in the second group match, you might be forgiven for thinking that the Papua New Guinea side’s work is already done:Continue reading “Lae and hosts Malampa gear up for Judgement Day”

Malampa Revivors spotlight local talent in OFC Champions League

Malampa Revivors are ready to host 2020 OFC Champions League group B and they now have a big opportunity to win an international official match for the first time ever. The team based in Luganville, Vanuatu, is going to count on a lot of young local players that already represented the country at international level.Continue reading “Malampa Revivors spotlight local talent in OFC Champions League”

Malampa Revivors prepare for OFC Champions League

Malampa Revivors is going to play OFC Champions League for the second straight year. After a not so good campaign in 2019 – one draw and two losses in the group stage – the team from Luganville look forward to do something better this year. Revivors’ preparation keeps going. With some great young players, theyContinue reading “Malampa Revivors prepare for OFC Champions League”