Kamal Swamy confirmed as new Ba head coach

It was recently informed by Oceania Football Center, former Nadi head coach Kamal Swamy was close to a deal with Ba. The rumours had been confirmed by Ba Football Association yesterday in a statement in their official social media account – Swamy accepted the challenge to guide Ba back to the winning ways after aContinue reading “Kamal Swamy confirmed as new Ba head coach”

Kamal Swamy set to take Ba’s head coach spot

Recently the Fijian football scenario got to know Ba’s then head coach departed from the team; Ronil Kumar, in a statement relesed by Ba Football Association in social media, confirmed the 36-year-old was not anymore the head coach of the team. As Kumar departed, one name seems to be very close to accept terms andContinue reading “Kamal Swamy set to take Ba’s head coach spot”

Delayed semifinals of Fiji FACT set to be contested this weekend at Subrail Park

After lots of complainings about Subrail Park’s pitch, the semifinals of 2020 Fiji FACT have been postponed. Now, the four remaining teams are getting ready for these clashes that are going to be contested this weekend. It was confirmed by Fiji Football Association (FFA) that Subrail Park remains as the venue of the tournament, asContinue reading “Delayed semifinals of Fiji FACT set to be contested this weekend at Subrail Park”

Fiji FACT: Nalaubu shines as Suva defeat Nadi in a muddy clash

Nadi and Suva clashed at Subrail Park in Labasa in the second round of 2020 Fiji FACT, one of the most important football tournaments in Fiji. Despite the rain and the mud, Suva managed to defeat their opponents in a hard-fought contest. Shivneel Pillay took advantage of a defensive mistake to open the scoreboard forContinue reading “Fiji FACT: Nalaubu shines as Suva defeat Nadi in a muddy clash”

Kamal Swamy is new Nadi head coach

The 49-year old coach Kamal Swamy is the new head coach of Nadi. The experienced head coach signed for the club in order to organize the club for the 2020 season. The information was confirmed by Nadi FA president Javed Ahmad. Swamy had as his last experienced in coaching Suva and also has plenty experiencedContinue reading “Kamal Swamy is new Nadi head coach”

Suva’s head coach for 2020 is still unknown

One of the most important teams from Fiji, Suva still need to confirm their head coach for 2020 season. The contract of Suva’s current head coach Kamal Swamy expires this month. Kamal Swamy is not available to work full time so Suva management team is looking for a new person to work full time. FormerContinue reading “Suva’s head coach for 2020 is still unknown”