Keana case – Episode #02: What is behind

Click here to read the first episode After a first episode talking about the current situation of Maxwell Keana and his absence in U17 World Cup, Oceania Football Center launches the second episode of a series of articles with everything that is related to the case. All information contained in the articles is verified andContinue reading “Keana case – Episode #02: What is behind”

Keana case – Episode #01: damaging his own career

Episode #2: What is behindEpisode #3: The suspension One of the subjects that is the gossip of the town in Oceania is the outcome of Maxwell Keana case and his judgement that is going to happen soon. Oceania Football Center brings to you a series of articles with everything that is related to this case.Continue reading “Keana case – Episode #01: damaging his own career”

Raphael Le’ai start in Henderson Eels reaffirms his talent

After turning into a national hero even in his teen years after being the key player to qualify his nation to their first ever FIFA football tournament, the young Raphael Le’ai keeps shining and proving his talent is really big. The 17 year-old forward earned a scolarship in New Zealand after his solid performances atContinue reading “Raphael Le’ai start in Henderson Eels reaffirms his talent”

Solomon Islands faced proven quality at U17 World Cup

Solomon Islands U17 National Team ended their participation in 2019 U17 FIFA World Cup with three losses in three matches. They were criticized by many people in their homeland but they really did their best. They were in a very hard group with Italy, Mexico and Paraguay, three strong teams that are currently in theContinue reading “Solomon Islands faced proven quality at U17 World Cup”

Solomon Islands 0-8 Mexico: a performance analysis

Solomon Islands played its last match in U17 World Cup against Mexico. Despite the 8-0 loss there are still some positive things to be said about this game. Oceania Football Center brings another performance analysis just like we did after the match against Paraguay. As we said in the last performance analysis article, Solomon IslandsContinue reading “Solomon Islands 0-8 Mexico: a performance analysis”

Dead end for Oceania in U17 World Cup

New Zealand is eliminated in the 2019 U17 World Cup. They were the fifth best third placed team in the World Cup but only the top four third placed teams qualified for Round of 16, so New Zealand ended its participation in the championship in the 17th position. They could have done more to qualifyContinue reading “Dead end for Oceania in U17 World Cup”

Solomon Islands vs Mexico – Preview

Solomon Islands had a heavy loss with many mistakes against Paraguay and Oceania Football Center already talked about that. Even being already eliminated, Solomon Islands still has an opportunity to perform one more time at international level in this World Cup. Mexico draw one match against Paraguay and lost another to Italy and they reallyContinue reading “Solomon Islands vs Mexico – Preview”

Solomon Islands U17: a performance analysis

Solomon Islands did not perform well and lost to Paraguay by 7-0. The Islanders had more ball possession (55%) but only had one shot on target during the whole game. Oceania Football Center goes deeper to bring an analysis about the Bonitos campaign in U17 World Cup. The first thing that needs to be pointedContinue reading “Solomon Islands U17: a performance analysis”

Many mistakes for Solomon Islands in a heavy defeat for Paraguay

Solomon Islands made history qualifying for the U17 World Cup held in Brazil this year – we all know this would be a hard challenge for the young men from the Pacific Islands to face teams with much more experience in the world stage. Their first match in the tournament against Italy gave a clearContinue reading “Many mistakes for Solomon Islands in a heavy defeat for Paraguay”