Keana case – Episode #01: damaging his own career

Episode #2: What is behind
Episode #3: The suspension

One of the subjects that is the gossip of the town in Oceania is the outcome of Maxwell Keana case and his judgement that is going to happen soon. Oceania Football Center brings to you a series of articles with everything that is related to this case. All information contained in the articles is verified and veridical.

On February 2019 Solomon Islands was excluded from 2019 U17 FIFA World Cup because they had an overaged player in 2018 OFC U16 Championship. A disciplinary committee found U16 player Chris Satu breached both the OFC Disciplinary Code and OFC regulations when he turned out for Solomon Islands at the OFC U16 Championship last year. After many court battles Solomon Islands was allowed to play the U17 World Cup.

As Oceania Football Center reported on 12 October, Maxwell Keana was ruled out of Solomon Islands U17 National Team squad that played U17 World Cup in Brazil. He failed in medical tests so he could not stay in the squad for the World Cup.

Many people in Solomon Island questioned Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) about these medical reasons asking the federation to release this information but these medical reports are confidential and SIFF can not provide it to the public.

Maxwell Keana was ruled out of Solomon Islands squad for FIFA U17 World Cup

After being ruled out of the squad, Keana sent a letter to Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) saying he was overaged in the 2018 OFC U16 Championship. Keana also stated in the letter that he was born in 1998 and not in 2002 as it is reported in his official documents. On the other hand, SIFF assures that Keana’s passport and legal documents are right and he was eligible to play that tournament.

It brings us to some reflection.
• If Keana’s documents are right, he is lying to OFC;
• If Keana’s documents are wrong, he or his family might have lied to SIFF;
• The reason why he wrote this letter to OFC.

According to SIFF media, SIFF is also carrying out its own investigation with a view to charge the player and bring a disciplinary case against him before the SIFF Disciplinary Committee. The hearing, which will be convened by the OFC Disciplinary/Ethics Committee via telephone conference is set down for 10AM on Friday 29 November at the SIFF conference room.

According to local sources, there are some people interested on picking a fight with SIFF and these people could be behind it by telling Keana to send this letter to OFC. While people want to pick this fight, Keana may be expecting to get some money by being a puppet of these people. Local people already advised him that he should not do it because he is putting his career in trouble.

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