Ifira Black Bird keeps pounding

The PVFA Premier League’s Week 7 is over so it means that half of the season is gone. Four matches were played in Port Vila top division this weekend Oceania Football Center brings a review of each match for you! Scroll down and check it!


Erakor and Sia-Raga opened the gameweek with a good match on Friday. After a 0-0 draw in the first half, Godine Tenene opened the scoreboard for Erakor Golden Star but Ryan Banga netted for Sia-Raga to draw the clash. At the final whistle the score was 1-1 and surely both teams are not happy with the result.

Both teams lost in the previous gameweek and this draw put them away from the title race. Erakor is currently in the fourth position with 10 points while Sia-Raga is in sixth with eight points.

Erakor Golden Star starting eleven against Sia-Raga. Source: Vanuatu Sport


Yatel keeps their good streak by winning Mauwia by 1-0. In a very tough match Yatel only managed to score the winning goal in the last minutes with a penalty kick netted by Frank Reuben.

Yatel has not lost in November and this win helped them to overcome Sia-Raga to take the fifth position in the table with nine points. Mauwia is still in the last position with just three points but at least they are being more competitive in the last weeks so they still have hopes to do something better in the second half of the season.

Yatel players before facing Mauwia. Source: Vanuatu Sport


Who is going to stop Ifira Black Bird? After beating Tafea on 15 November they won Galaxy by 1-0 this weekend. After a 0-0 draw in the first half, Ifira Black Bird played with 10 men in the second half after team captain Loic Taiwia was sent off in the beginning of the second half.

Even with only ten players Ifira managed to put Galaxy in trouble. Dolsen Siapan came from bench to score the winning goal for them and Ifira also had some other opportunities like a shot that hit the crossbar in the latest minutes.

The lack of goals is being a big problem for Galaxy. Despite having the best attack in the league with 28 goals scored they only netted three times in the last four matches. The absence of Kensi Tangis (injured) is a trouble that Galaxy needs to deal with. The current league topscorer is being missed there.

Ifira remains unbeaten in the league with 17 points in seven matches while Galaxy is in the third position with eleven points.

Ifira Black Bird starting eleven against Galaxy. Souce: Vanuatu Sport


After losing to Ifira Black Bird in the previous round, Tafea came to the pitch willing to take the three points home. Allista Kalip opened the scoreboard for Tafea but Azariah Soromon netted for Tupuji Imere a few minutes later. It was the first goal of Soromon in 2019-20 Port Vila Premier League. Kalip also managed to score his second goal in the match to put Tafea ahead. The biggest setback for Tafea came in the middle of the first half when forward Jordy Tasip was knocked on his head. He was replaced by Jayson Timatua.

Kalip was on fire. He scored his third goal in the beginning of the second half to set his first hat-trick of the season. John Thomas came from the bench to replace Waiwo Kalmet and he scored Tafea’s fourth goal.

Tupuji still tried to react with a goal scored by James Chilia but it was not enough. Defender Junior Felix scored a penalty kick to set the final score. Tafea is now back to the second position with 14 points while Tupuji is in the seventh position with just four points so far. They need to open their eyes if they do not want to be relegated.

Allista Kalip scored a hat-trick against Tupuji Imere

You can check the current league standings and top goal scorers by clicking here.


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