Alick & Kaltack: Solomon Islands national champions

The Ni-Vanuatu duo John Alick and Tony Kaltack were crowned champions of the Telekom S-League in Solomon Islands after their team won a match by forfeit agianst Guadalcanal. They just needed one more point to seal their titler, but the forfeit of their opponents made them win the league without even entering the field ofContinue reading “Alick & Kaltack: Solomon Islands national champions”

Micah Tommy scores in Ba defeat in Fiji

The Ni-Vanuatu forward Micah Tommy played the two-legged season opener Champion vs Champion series for his club Ba. The 20-year old player scored the equalizer for his side in the second half after Ratu Anare put Labasa upfront in the opening 45 minutes. In a brilliant play of the Solomon Islands international Benjamin Totori, theContinue reading “Micah Tommy scores in Ba defeat in Fiji”

The great start of Terence Carter for Galaxy

Galaxy will one of the two representatives of Vanuatu in the upcoming edition of the 2020 OFC Champions League. The club created in 2014 has a big economic power in terms of the region and decided to make a big investment to represent well the country in the regional competition. The English striker Terence CarterContinue reading “The great start of Terence Carter for Galaxy”

Vanuatu transfer window to finish in mid-February

The football clubs from Vanuatu already can go to the market to reinforce their squads! Recently Vanuatu Sport stated that the transfer window in Vanuatu opened in 15th January, according to VFF Competition Manager Batick Bong Shem. The clubs especially from Port Vila Premier League will be looking to add new players to their squadContinue reading “Vanuatu transfer window to finish in mid-February”

Jared Clark: getting Ni-Vanuatu citizenship

Oceania Football Center recently wrote an article questioning Jared Clark’s eligibility to represent Vanuatu National Football Team. After raising the initial doubt our team started to investigate about it to find out if he is eligible or not. Jared was born in Australia in 1998. His father is Australian and his mother is from VanuatuContinue reading “Jared Clark: getting Ni-Vanuatu citizenship”

VFF National League Championship: schedule is ready

The most recent tournament created by Vanuatu Football Federation now has their schedule ready. The VFF National League Championship will feature both Vanuatu clubs competing in the 2020 OFC Champions League will be taking part in the competition, using it as preparation for the regional competition. The competiton will be split in two groups beingContinue reading “VFF National League Championship: schedule is ready”

Jesse Kalopong joins Malampa Revivors for OFC Champions League

Jesse Kalopong, the young defender from Erakor Golden Star in Port Vila, signed for Malampa Revivors in Luganville in order to represent the current Vanuatu national champions in the next edition of OFC Champions League. Kalopong will join his former teammate Jacky Ruben that also signed for the club to defend the blue and whiteContinue reading “Jesse Kalopong joins Malampa Revivors for OFC Champions League”

Tommy & Thomas: Ni-Vanuatu power in Ba

Vanuatu football has many local talents that are ready to represent clubs in the OFC Champions League or even in higher level competitons around the region. Recently, It is possible to name various Vanuatu players that made the way to other Pacific countries – being the last one Bong Kalo to represent Lautoka in theContinue reading “Tommy & Thomas: Ni-Vanuatu power in Ba”

Is Jared Clark eligible to play for Vanuatu National Team?

Jared Clark is a 22 years old Australian footballer that plays for Croydon Kings in the South Australia National Premier League. He is a central back that can also play as a defensive midfielder. Despite being so young, Clark has some European experience as he had a stint at Serbian side FK Vojvodina youth teams.HeContinue reading “Is Jared Clark eligible to play for Vanuatu National Team?”

Galaxy FC beats Erakor Golden Star in friendly match

Now only official matches await Galaxy; their last friendly match was played against Erakor Golden Star at Korman Stadium in order to prepare for the upcoming VFF National League Championship and so on for the OFC Champions League to be played next month. The new tournament raised by VFF will feature the two Ni-Vanuatu sidesContinue reading “Galaxy FC beats Erakor Golden Star in friendly match”