U-17 OFC Championship: Vanuatu must be proud

Vanuatu was knocked-out of the U-17 OFC Championship by New Zealand this Sunday (22th Jan) ended their dreams to take part in the U-17 World Cup to be held in Peru this year. This would be the second time Vanuatu would take part in a FIFA tournament, but they could fo through the strong NewContinue reading “U-17 OFC Championship: Vanuatu must be proud”

Seasonal working: a tough reality for football players from Vanuatu

Oceania is diverse – many cultures, languages and traditions are shaped by the environment of the 14 members and associate members of the Oceania Football Confederation. Football is a passion throughout the region, even if it is not as successful as the American and European countries are. Vanuatu is one of the most football-loving nationsContinue reading “Seasonal working: a tough reality for football players from Vanuatu”

Vanuatu football leagues to resume in July

Vanuatu Football Federation (VFF) had an extraordinary Execitive Committee Meeting this weekend in Santo island to discuss some important things related to the sport. One of the most important points from this meeting is that football leagues are finally cleared by the federation to resume in the country. Last week Port Vila’s club Ifira BlackContinue reading “Vanuatu football leagues to resume in July”

Ifira Black Bird asks for federation’s position on resuming football leagues in Port Vila

Unlike some countries like Fiji and Papua New Guinea, football leagues in Vanuatu still do not have a scheduled date to resume. Despite being cleared to resume since last month, football activities have not resumed yet. The current situation of the sport in the country begins to annoy the clubs. Ifira Black Bird recently askedContinue reading “Ifira Black Bird asks for federation’s position on resuming football leagues in Port Vila”

Football activities suspended in Vanuatu

Following another Football Associations all over the Pacific, Vanuatu is another country that is set to suspended all its football activities for a period of 30-days as it was informed by Vanuatu Football Federation due COVID-19 concerns. All Member Associations scheduled activities are suspended, as well the National Team camp that was training in orderContinue reading “Football activities suspended in Vanuatu”

Jared Clark receives VFF support to obtain Ni-Vanuatu citizenship

Recently, Oceania Football Center presented to the public Jared Clark, an Australian football player that has the possibility to represent Vanuatu national team internationaly. The 22-year-old player is close to obtain his Ni-Vanuatu citizenship, but the process is not so easy and takes its time. Oceania Football Center investigated and learned that Clark recently receivedContinue reading “Jared Clark receives VFF support to obtain Ni-Vanuatu citizenship”

Vanuatu: who will be next National Team head coach?

After the schedule and dates of the upcoming OFC Nations Cup were released, all local federations of Oceania have a clear picture of the time they will have to preapre their national teams for the most important football competition of ther region. New Zealand already stated they will be fielding a U23 team in theContinue reading “Vanuatu: who will be next National Team head coach?”

Lambert Maltock: we want to include all OFC countries together

🇮🇹 Italiano 🇧🇷 Português🇫🇷 Français Lambert Maltock is the current president of Oceania Football Confederation and Vanuatu Football Federation. The 63-year-old Ni-Vanuatu football administrator talked to Oceania Football Center about the next steps of Oceanian Football. You can check the full interview below: How are the plans for OFC Nations Cup? Are the dates andContinue reading “Lambert Maltock: we want to include all OFC countries together”

VFF launches National League Championship

The Vanuatu Football Federation launched this week a new tournament named National League Champioship, that will include all eight member associations of Vanuatu in a National Games-style competition. According to VFF the league will start in the next January 23 and ends at 1st February and will be played in two venues: Port Vila andContinue reading “VFF launches National League Championship”

Freswota Stadium: a new house for Vanuatu’s football

Vanuatu is set to be given a new football stadium in the next upcoming years. In 2018 FIFA approved Qualao Consulting Limited as engineers for the new planned stadium in Freswota, a residential community of Port Vila. Freswota Stadium is a 200 million Vatu (1,8 million USD) project funded by FIFA and it is origniallyContinue reading “Freswota Stadium: a new house for Vanuatu’s football”