Football leagues to resume this weekend in Oceania

After the break due Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, some important football leagues will return to action across Oceania. Take a look the leagues and countries that will have football back in the following weeks: The Telekom S-League, Solomon Islands’ national league, is one of the leagues that will be restarting this weekend in Honiara,Continue reading “Football leagues to resume this weekend in Oceania”

Partnerships with other confederations help football’s development in Oceania

Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) is surely the least development continental football confederation in the world. They have been improving really fast in the past few years and they count with some partners to help in this development process: another continental confederations. It is already known that OFC holds a partnership with Union of European FootballContinue reading “Partnerships with other confederations help football’s development in Oceania”

OFC U-17 Women’s Championship 2020 cancelled

Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) confirmed today that this year’s OFC U-17 Women’s Championship edition is cancelled due to COVID-19 and New Zealand is qualified for FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup that will be held in India next year. The Oceanian spot for the next World Cup was given to New Zealand as they are theContinue reading “OFC U-17 Women’s Championship 2020 cancelled”

The wait continues: OFC tournaments postponed due COVID-19 pandemics

While some important football tournaments in Europe are not so far to restart, the Oceania Football Confederation recently stated some of the major competitions are still on hold. After the shocking announcing of cancellation of the OFC Nations Cup, the governing body decided the fate of the men’s OFC U-19 Championship, the OFC Champions LeagueContinue reading “The wait continues: OFC tournaments postponed due COVID-19 pandemics”

COVID-19: Football really needs a break

Football is a part of our lives; we can not deny we are missing a lot the tournaments and players we are used to follow and wait so long to kick-off. Sport has the power to unite people: this is a good opportunity to use this power in favour of all of us amid manyContinue reading “COVID-19: Football really needs a break”

Group Stage ‘Best XI’ – OFC Champions League 2020

🇫🇷 Français 🇫🇷 Oceania Football Center analysed all matches of OFC Champions League’ group stage that ended in the last weekend and we are here to highlight the best players of the tournament so far. Through our staff analysis, we voted the best starting eleven position-by-position according to team and individual performances in the groupContinue reading “Group Stage ‘Best XI’ – OFC Champions League 2020”

OFC competitions and activities postponed due COVID-19 outbreak

🇮🇹 italiano 🇮🇹 🇫🇷 français 🇫🇷 The COVID-19 outbreak is the reason why all competitions and activities organized by Oceania Football Confederation are postponed. The OFC Champions League and OFC Nations Cup will directly affected due the Coronavirus cases spread all over the planet; for health reasons the competitions will not take place as scheduledContinue reading “OFC competitions and activities postponed due COVID-19 outbreak”

LIGUE 1 VINI – Deuxième journee de la Phase deux

🇮🇹 Italiano 🇬🇧 English Nous sommes arrivés a le deuxième jour de la deuxième phade de La Ligue 1 Vini. Vendredi soir, les leaders du classement, l’AS Venus, ont facilement gagné contre l’AS JT avec un resultat de 4-0. Les marquers de l’equipe blanc-violet étaient Yann-Pennequin-Le Bras, Tamatoa Tetauira, Ariiura Labaste et, bien sûr, leContinue reading “LIGUE 1 VINI – Deuxième journee de la Phase deux”

SIFF will not appeal against sanctions for Keana’s overaging case

Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) sanctioned Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) by excluding them from 2020 U16 OFC Championship. Moreover, SIFF also received a NZ$10.000 fine because of Maxwell Keana’s overaging case. See more:Maxwell Keana suspended by OFCISPS Handa Premiership season is over for Andrew AbbaPatrick Taroga out of Henderson Eels squad Although they disagree with the sanctions, SIFFContinue reading “SIFF will not appeal against sanctions for Keana’s overaging case”

Maxwell Keana suspended by OFC

Oceania Football Center recently reported that Maxwell Keana was suspended by SIFF because he lied his age pretending to be younger. Keana should have showed up for a testimonial about this case but he did not appear. Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) confirmed that Maxwell Keana is suspended from football activities in OFC region for 12Continue reading “Maxwell Keana suspended by OFC”