Last Saturday 26 of october 2019 on Atuona, Hiva Oa, the AS Mahitoa won the title of Marquesas Islands Champion defeating l’AS Jeunesse Marquisienne on the penalty shots for 5-3. 3 weeks ago , in the Inter-Discrits final of South Marquesas, Mahitoa won his pass to the final. During this time the team worked hard to win the final, because the winner will also get a place for the next Coupe de Polynesie 2019/2020. In the beginning of the match the AS Jeunesse Marquisienne had a good start and had a lot of opportunity to score a goal but no one ot their shot were good. Ralph Tehotu, the captain, anche the two central defenders Gilles Hofam and Teheianii Taupotini played very well. But the forward, Adams Teore, was alone and that made a very hard work for him to score a goal. The AS Mahitoa was very patient and waited defending very well. The man of the match was the Mahitoan goalkeeper Dave Vahaputona, who was supported very well by the two central defenders Tepano Mititai e Sylvestre Tupai. So the match went on and a the end of the the regulare and additional time the score was always 0-0. So we arrived a the penalty lottery. The firs three strikers for each time scored their shots. Then the AS Jeunesse Marquisienne forward Adams Teore missed it. So Pierre Mititai from AS Mahitoa went on the penalty and scored it and his team won the title. Ther AS Mahitoa, Louis Mose, a the end of the match talked with the papers: “We are very happy. Jeunesse it’s a very a good team and it’s probably better than us but, as I said some months ago, we are in a lucky period and I hope that it will continue when we will face a Ligue 1 Vini team”

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