OFC Futsal Nations Cup: first definitions

OFC Futsal Nations Cup day two is gone. Four matches were played and there are three teams already qualified for semifinals. Come with Oceania Football Center and check what happened in this second day of competition.


Tahiti managed to offer some danger to Solomon Islands in the first half but they could not keep up with Kurukuru in the second half specially after Tahiti captain Steeve Wong has been sent off. Geroge Stevenson scored a hat-trick to bring three more points to qualify Solomon Islands for the semifinals. Tahiti still has chances to qualify once they just need to beat Tonga in the next round.

George Stevenson celebrating one of his goals against Tahiti. Source: OFC Media


Fiji recovered from the loss against Tahiti and won Tonga by 9-2 to keep themselves alive in the tournament. Tonga staff is surely proud of scoring two more goals in this match. Fiji will face Solomon Islands with a small chance to advance to semifinals. An interest thing to be pointed was Fiji’s collectivity in this game with seven different players scoring. Tongan goals were scored by Laulea Taufa and we can say that he is the Tonga Futsal Team all time top scorer in official senior matches with these two goals.

Iosefo Verevou right before scoring for Fiji. Source: OFC Media


New Zealand won once again and qualified for semifinals while Vanuatu goes to 5-8th place play-off. Micky Malivuk scored twice and he is one of the championship top scorers with four goals. Vanuatu’s goal was scored by team captain Ben Hungai that is probably playing his last international competition for Vanuatu Futsal Team. New Zealand faces New Caledonia to fight for the first position of Group A.

New Zealand players celebrating a goal against Vanuatu. Source: OFC Media


Another good win for New Caledonia that is already qualified for semifinals. American Samoa still looks for scoring a goal in the competition and they will have their last try against Vanuatu in the last group stage match. New Caledonia had six different goalscorers in the match and we can highlight Delaunay, Sele and Humuni with two goals each. Can New Caledonia beat New Zealand to end the group stage in the first position? We are going to find it out soon.

New Caledonia players celebrating a goal against American Samoa. Source: OFC Media




🇳🇿 Dylan Manickum – 4 Goals
🇳🇿 Micky Malivuk – 4 Goals
🇸🇧 Elliot Ragomo – 4 Goals
🇸🇧 George Stevenson – 4 Goals
🇸🇧 Jeffery Bule – 4 Goals
🇵🇫 Teaonui Tehau – 4 Goals

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