A marvelous year for futsal in Solomon Islands

The year of 2019 was something special for Futsal in Oceania, specially for one country: The Solomon Islands. Solomon Islands National Futsal Team, also known as Kurukuru won OFC Futsal Nations Cup for the sixth time ever to qualify for 2020 FIFA Futsal World Cup that will be held in Lithuania. It might have beenContinue reading “A marvelous year for futsal in Solomon Islands”

James Egeta: putting a smile in Solomon Islanders face

James Egeta is an important players of Solomon Islands National Futsal Team. The 29 years old player already played three Futsal World Cups (2008, 2012 and 2016) and will probably play his fourth in 2020. He started his career more than ten years ago and he played his first Futsal World Cup with just 18Continue reading “James Egeta: putting a smile in Solomon Islanders face”

Benny Hungai: the international farewell of a legend

Vanuatu finished the OFC Futsal Nations Cup in the 6th place. This may not be a result to be celebrated but this tournament will be always remembered with some good memories by the fans: it was the last international competition played by Benny Hungai. Hungai is greatest ni-van futsal player of all time. He isContinue reading “Benny Hungai: the international farewell of a legend”

Solomon Islands are champions again!

Solomon Islands retained their glory in Oceania Futsal and will represent the region once again in the FIFA Futsal World Cup. They won New Zealand in the final match that was by far the most entertaining game of the entire competition. New Zealand fought hard and almost won the match and trophy, but credit toContinue reading “Solomon Islands are champions again!”

OFC Futsal Nations Cup Final – Preview

Futsal Nations Cup is approaching to its end and the final match begins in a few hours. Solomon Islands and New Zealand confirmed their favoritism and will decide the championship soon. The champion will play 2020 Futsal World Cup that will be held in Lithuania. Let’s see their campaigns until the final: SOLOMON ISLANDS GroupContinue reading “OFC Futsal Nations Cup Final – Preview”

OFC Futsal Nations Cup: so close, Tahiti…

OFC Futsal Nations Cup is approaching to its end after the last matches played in New Caledonia. Oceania Football Center brings to you a report of what happened there! FIJI 6-2 AMERICAN SAMOA American Samoa was a good challenge to Fiji in the beginning of the match but they scored two own goals to giveContinue reading “OFC Futsal Nations Cup: so close, Tahiti…”

Semi-Finals set in OFC Futsal Nations Cup

The OFC Futsal Nations Cup group stage had their last four matches and now the decisive part of the tournament is nearing. Next Friday in New Caledonia we will have the two most important matches of the competition until the present moment: no surprises in both groups happened, since New Zealand and New Caledonia toppedContinue reading “Semi-Finals set in OFC Futsal Nations Cup”

OFC Futsal Nations Cup: first definitions

OFC Futsal Nations Cup day two is gone. Four matches were played and there are three teams already qualified for semifinals. Come with Oceania Football Center and check what happened in this second day of competition. SOLOMON ISLANDS 7-2 TAHITI Tahiti managed to offer some danger to Solomon Islands in the first half but theyContinue reading “OFC Futsal Nations Cup: first definitions”