A marvelous year for futsal in Solomon Islands

The year of 2019 was something special for Futsal in Oceania, specially for one country: The Solomon Islands.

Solomon Islands National Futsal Team, also known as Kurukuru won OFC Futsal Nations Cup for the sixth time ever to qualify for 2020 FIFA Futsal World Cup that will be held in Lithuania. It might have been the most difficult OFC Futsal Nations Cup title for Kurukuru – “New Zealand improved a lot and we need to work the extra mile to remain as Futsal Kings in Oceania. The final match against them was a great challenge. We missed lots of goal chances during the regular time so we had to end up with penalties” said James Egeta in a interview with Oceania Football Center after winning the tournament.

Kurukuru players celebrating 2019 OFC Futsal Nations Cup title

Futsal also had some good news in 2019 with the first ever OFC Futsal Champions League contested by six teams in New Caledonia. Solomon Islands’ side Kooline won the tournament after beating hosts AS PTT by 7-5 in the final match.

Five players won 2019 OFC Futsal Nations Cup and 2019 OFC Futsal Champions League. Goalkeeper Athony Talo is one of these five players. The Champions League title was something special for him once he scored the goal that sent Kooline to the final. According to him, winning the Champions League is a great bonus for those who already won the OFC Futsal Nations Cup.

Oceania Football Center congratulates Kurukuru, Kooline and all players and coaching staff involved with both teams.

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