Micah Lea’alafa returns to training as Kurukuru reset World Cup preparations in Honiara

If there was no COVID-19 we would be months away the fourth participation in a row of Solomon Islands at the world’s most important Futsal event: FIFA Futsal World Cup. As this does not match the reality, we can only state by now the Kurukuru resumed their preparations for the tournament that will be heldContinue reading “Micah Lea’alafa returns to training as Kurukuru reset World Cup preparations in Honiara”

The adventure of Elliot Ragomo in Brazilian professional futsal

Solomon Islands are impressive when it comes to futsal – the Kurukuru have already taken part in three FIFA Futsal World Cups and will travel to Lithuania in 2021 to represent OFC at the 2021 FIFA Futsal World Cup, where they will play in the fourth consecutive competition at world level. With Elliot Ragomo asContinue reading “The adventure of Elliot Ragomo in Brazilian professional futsal”

New futsal court for Solomon Islands

The lack of facilities is a real problem for Solomon Islands futsal. Although Solomon Islands is the most successful futsal country in Oceania, statements about the poor quality of futsal courts and training grounds in this country are very common. In order to develop the game in the country, it was clear that SIFF andContinue reading “New futsal court for Solomon Islands”

Anthony Talo: possible next steps of his career

One of Solomon Islands’ most famous players is still uncertain about the future of his career: Anthony Talo has had many ups and downs in his career, but surely the whole Solomon Islands can not forget his winning goal scored against Guatemala from his defensive end at the 2012 FIFA Futsal World Cup – theContinue reading “Anthony Talo: possible next steps of his career”

Kurukuru’s debut at World Stage

The Kurukuru, as the Solomon Islands national futsal team is known, is certainly the most successful national futsal team in Oceania; Solomon Islands will be competing in the FIFA Futsal World Cup for the fourth consecutive year in 2021, having qualified for the world tournament after winning the OFC Futsal Nations Cup in 2019 afterContinue reading “Kurukuru’s debut at World Stage”

Brazil and Oceania: a Football connection

🇧🇷 Português Brazil is the place where football happens; Brazilians call their country “the home of football” – and that could really be true. Five times in history, Brazil has won the most important football tournament in the world, the FIFA World Cup. The same country that produced players such as Pelé, Zico, Ronaldo andContinue reading “Brazil and Oceania: a Football connection”

Solomon Islands need a new futsal court

Oceania’s most successful national futsal team does not have a sports arena to call home. The Kurukuru, as the Solomon Islands’ national futsal team is known, enjoyed the region’s greatest fame after defeating New Zealand in the grand final of last year’s OFC Futsal Nations Cup. Success in the regional competition qualified Solomon Islands forContinue reading “Solomon Islands need a new futsal court”

Micah Lea’alafa leads by example

The dual international for Solomon Islands Micah Lea’alafa is an example for the young generation of football players of the Pacific Islands; and his commitment proves to be crucial for the succes the forward achieved both in footbalal and futsal. The former Auckland City and Maritzburg United attacker, that also represented his country three timesContinue reading “Micah Lea’alafa leads by example”

What’s next on Micah Lea’alafa career?

After leaving the South African side Maritzburg United, one of the most important players of Solomon Islands currently is on stand-by. Micah Lea’alafa is back to his home country after his first full-professional adventure in South Africa. The forward suffered with injuries during his period in Maritzburg and could turn into a major piece ofContinue reading “What’s next on Micah Lea’alafa career?”

Anthony Talo set to take a break from international duties

Recently, the Solomon Islands star goalkeeper Anthony Talo talked to Oceania Football Center regarding the next steps of his career in football and futsal. The player who almost represented Hekari United at OFC Champions League 2020, informed he is going to take a break on international duties after the FIFA Futsal World Cup 2020, toContinue reading “Anthony Talo set to take a break from international duties”