OFC Futsal Nations Cup: so close, Tahiti…

OFC Futsal Nations Cup is approaching to its end after the last matches played in New Caledonia. Oceania Football Center brings to you a report of what happened there!


American Samoa was a good challenge to Fiji in the beginning of the match but they scored two own goals to give some advantage to Fiji that will face Vanuatu in 5th/6th play-off while American Samoa will probably finish as 7th place once Tonga lost to Vanuatu by walkover. The most curious (and also disrespectful) moment of the match was when it was used an American Samoa’s flag to dry the floor. Iosefo Verevou was the top scorer of the match with two goals.

People using American Samoa flag to dry the floor. Source: MyCujoo


Tonga did not show up to the match because of medical problems. According to local players, most of them are injuried and are not able to play. It is something quite curious that should be checked. Have not Tongan players been undergone to medical tests before the tournament? Anyway Vanuatu advanced and will face Fiji in 5th/6th place match.


Kurukuru confirmed its favoritism and won New Caledonia. With two goals scored by George Stevenson, Solomon Islands National Futsal Team will play the final match and they might win the Futsal Nations Cup for the 6th time to become the team with most Nations Cup titles overcoming Australia.

George Stevenson celebrating a goal. Source: OFC Media


Tahiti has frightened New Zealnd and pushed them hard in this match after a 2-0 win in the first half but New Zealanders had a cold blood and managed to score three goals in two minutes to win the match and qualify for the final. Oban Hawkins was the highlighted player of the match scoring twice and leading New Zealand’s turnaround.

Oban Hawkins celebrating a goal. Source: OFC Media

New Zealand and Solomon Islands will battle for the trophy and for a spot at FIFA Futsal Nations Cup next year. The 3rd place match will have the both French Territories – Tahiti and New Caledonia – while Vanuatu and Fiiji will contest for the 5th place in the tournament.

🇸🇧 George Stevenson – 6 Goals
🇳🇿 Dylan Manickum – 6 Goals
🇵🇫 Olivier Hirihiri – 6 Goals
🇵🇫 Teaonui Tehau – 6 Goals

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