BTC and Abaiang win football at 2019 Te Runga

Te Runga is the Kiribati National Sports Championship and it is a time for all sports persons to congregate for two weeks of intense sporting competition. This competition includes sports like volleyball, football and basketball. The games were conducted between 4th and 15th november in Tarawa, Kiribati’s capital.

The men’s tournament counted on 23 teams split in four groups while the women’s tournament had 7 teams. The matches were held in a sand field because there is no grass pitch in Kiribati.

Makin and BTC players in men’s semifinal. Source: Jeff Brock

The top four teams of each group qualified for the Round of 16 in the men’s tournament. BTC was the champion after beating TUC by 3-2 in the final match while Abaiang won BTC by 4-0 in the women’s final.

Oceania Football Center is trying to collect more information about the matches but you can see more by clicking here. Kiribati is not a FIFA member but they are affiliated to CONIFA just like Tuvalu. You can read more about the situation of Kiribati’s football by clicking here.

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