Tuvalu: Nauti 1 wins A-Division

Nauti 1 has won the TNPF Champions League 2020, the first tier of Tuvaluan league system. Nauti 1 was the favorite at the beginning of the championship and kept the expectations by winning all the games and leaving only crumbs to his opponents. That is Nauti’s twelfth title in the league’s history. Meanwhile, Tamanuku BContinue reading “Tuvalu: Nauti 1 wins A-Division”

The final curtain: Tuvaluan leagues finish this weekend

Tuvalu is currently the only country in Oceania with active football leagues: The A-Division and the B-Division are the two tiers of Tuvaluan football league system. However both leagues are close to finish as the last matchweek will take place this weekend. In the A-Division, current league leaders Nauti 1 will face last-placed Haápai. NautiContinue reading “The final curtain: Tuvaluan leagues finish this weekend”

Tuvalu: the only survivor in OFC

While the football activities are stopped in most countries due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a small nation in Oceania with some active leagues. And this Oceanian survivor is not New Zealand or another FIFA member, it is Tuvalu. As it was mentioned above, Tuvalu is not a FIFA member, however they are affiliatedContinue reading “Tuvalu: the only survivor in OFC”

Etimoni Timuani: a national hero in Tuvalu

Sport is in the blood of Etimoni Timuani. Born in Funafuti (Tuvalu) in 1991, the sportsman is a hero that carried a nation’s dream to the highest level when he represented his country in the 2016 Olympics held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Despite his amazing Olympic history, Timuani was also a Tuvalu National FootballContinue reading “Etimoni Timuani: a national hero in Tuvalu”

Nova competição de clubes na Oceania pode surgir este ano

O futebol é um esporte jogado em todo o planeta, sendo este uma linguagem universal. Surgido na Inglaterra, o futebol se espalhou e hoje é o esporte mais popular no mundo, desde as grandes potências europeias até pequenos países e micronações. Em termos futebolísticos, certamente o futebol da Oceania é o que há de maisContinue reading “Nova competição de clubes na Oceania pode surgir este ano”

A non-FIFA international club competition might be born in Oceania

OFC Champions League is ready to begin and Oceania Football Center team is already making the best coverage possible of the tournament that starts this weekend. However we received an information that a new international club competition could be born in Oceania soon. It was reported by Marshall Islands Football Association that there might beContinue reading “A non-FIFA international club competition might be born in Oceania”

Kiribati’s new stadium is being built

Bairiki National Stadium is the biggest football stadium in Kiribati and it is used by Kiribati National Football Team. However it has never been used for an international match because Kiribati have never played an international football match at home, due to the fact that the pitch surface in the stadium is sand, not grassContinue reading “Kiribati’s new stadium is being built”

Kiribati’s Te Runga football champions will have a stint in China

As it was reported by Oceania Football Center, BTC and Abaiang won the football tournament in 2019 Te Runga, the Kiribati National Games. According to Radio Kiribati, Te Runga football champions will travel to China in January. Huang Xuehu – the Head of Chinese Diplomatic Working Group – told that the squad includes 23 menContinue reading “Kiribati’s Te Runga football champions will have a stint in China”

BTC and Abaiang win football at 2019 Te Runga

Te Runga is the Kiribati National Sports Championship and it is a time for all sports persons to congregate for two weeks of intense sporting competition. This competition includes sports like volleyball, football and basketball. The games were conducted between 4th and 15th november in Tarawa, Kiribati’s capital. The men’s tournament counted on 23 teamsContinue reading “BTC and Abaiang win football at 2019 Te Runga”