Football activities postponed in Samoa

The Football Federation of Samoa (FFS) released today a statement advising clubs and managers that all FFS football activities are postponed until further notice. You can check the full statement below:

FFS Statement. Source: FFS

It is being widely reported that Oceania is facing a measles outbreak. Samoa is one of the most affected countries. They are in state of emergency and schools and commerce are closed there.

Oceania Football Center reported yesterday that Tongan players were also affected by measles during OFC Futsal Nations Cup and it is a huge problem that Oceanian people are dealing with. This outbreak also was the main reason of OFC U16 Women’s Championship postponement.

It may cause some changes in 2019-20 OFC Champions League because 2019 Samoa Premier Men’s champion is supposed to play the preliminary round of the continental club championship that is scheduled to be played in December.

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