Galaxy challenges Ifira Black Bird in a big clash of leaders

The Port Vila Premier League comes to its half this weekend. Four matches will be played to finish the first round of the tournament. As you are getting used to, Oceania Football Center brings a preview of all four matches. Check it below!


Sia-Raga and Erakor Golden Star arrive to this match willing to take three points home. Both teams suffered unexpected losses last weekend and they now need to recover from these setbacks. The loss against Yatel has distanced Erakor Golden Star from current league leader Ifiria Black Bird. They are now five points behind the leaders.

In the other yellow side of the league, Sia-Raga had a heartbreaking loss against Mauwia which smashed their opportunity to climb some positions in the league standings. Anyway, this match is going to be a direct clash for the fourth position once Erakor is in 4th with nine points and Sia-Raga is in the 5th position with seven points.

It is going to be a very interesting match where both teams have opportunity to win on this Friday at Port Vila Stadium.

Erakor Golden Star players. Source: Vanuatu Sport


If Sia-Raga and Erakor Golden Star had unexpected setbacks last weekend, Yatel and Mauwia really have something to celebrate from the last gameweek. Yatel contradicted expectations to beat Erakor by 2-0 while Mauwia had an impressive second half to turnaround the match against Sia-Raga to win by 3-1.

Both teams had good results last weekend but it is not enough for them. Mauwia remains on bottom with just three points while Yatel is currently in the 6th position with six points. After a bad beginning with five winless matches in a row, Yatel is trying to climb some positions in order to avoid the risk of relegation while Mauwia still needs to win to leave the 8th position. “Mauwia is a great team […] They are training really hard just like us.” said Yatel’s president John Tougon.

This match is going to be quite exciting because it is an opportunity to check if Mauwia really has something interesting to show in the Premier League. It is the right time to prove that the win against Sia-Raga was not just an outlier.

Mauwia is ready to show they are not dead horses. Source: Vanuatu Sport


The biggest clash of the gameweek and one of the most important clashes of the season! Galaxy won Tupuji Imere last weekend and they are now looking for another win against the current leaders in other to retake the first position. Ifira Black Bird leads the league with fourteen points in six matches and they are three points ahead Galaxy and Tafea in the table.

Ifira Black Bird won a crucial clash against Tafea last week but players and coaching staff know the importance keep focused on the league “We are looking forward for this game, it is going to be an interesting match. We are going to do our best to stop them” said Fedy Vava, a legendary ni-van player that currently defends Ifira Black Bird.

Galaxy got three points Tupuji Imere to end a negative streak after three matches without winning. The last weekend’s win was very important to raise their morale and they will surely come hungry with a powerful attack to face Ifira BB.

Who is going to win this incredible match? We are going to check it on Saturday!

Ifira Black Bird is currently leading the league. Source: Vanuatu Sport


After losing their first game in this season, Tafea faces Tupuji Imere this Saturday in order to keep up with other teams in the title race. Tafea still has some missing players like Cyril Leo (suspended), Edisson Stephens (injured) and Kevin Shem (work commitments). Waiwo Kalmet is back from suspension but he might not play this match because he is still recovering from an injury. Coach Robert Yalou is currently involved in VFF Youth Championship and he might not show up to the match as Tafea’s head coach.

The loss against Ifira Black Bird made Tafea FC fall to the third position in the league standings but they already turned the page to remain focused on their goals “It is not time to talk about past, we are focused on next game” said Jeffery Bob, player from Tafea.

On the other hand, Tupuji Imere is trying to recover their best performance. With lots of players working overseas and some other players ready to leave Vanuatu temporarily for work they need to find a solution to recover in the championship. Azariah Soromon returned to the team in the last match but he did not manage to score yet.

Tafea squad against Ifira Black Bird. Source: Tafea FC media

Oceania Football Center wishes good luck to all teams!


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