S-League: the fights go on

After a week with one match on Wednesday, Telekom S-League returns full steam ahead to another round. Oceania Football Center brings the S-League’s matchweek preview to you once again so you can stay tuned on what is going to happen in the major football league of Solomon Islands. Scroll down and check the full preview below!

This matchweek has a special schedule because there will not be matches on Sunday. Two matches are going to be played on Saturday while the other matches will take place on Monday because Lawson Tama Stadium will be prepared for the visit of Prince Charles of Wales that is going to visit the country.


After a draw against Laugu United last weekend, Kossa players turn their attentions to face Guadalcanal. Currently in the fifth position with fourteen points, Kossa is the team that played less games (8) in this Telekom S-League season.

Guadalcanal played on Wednesday against Henderson Eels and they were smashed by 7-1. It would not be surprising if they get smashed once again. It is a good opportunity for Kossa forwards to boost their amount of goals in the season.

Kossa squad against Laugu United. Source: S-League Media


Currently in the 7th position, Marist is having such a disappointing season. Still winless in November (lost to Solomon Warriors and Henderson Eels respectively) they are looking for three points against Laugu. On the other hand Laugu has a strong side and they are really prepared for this match despite the bad weather that is ravaging Honiar “We still managed to do our trainings” said Laugu’s player Michael Sira.

Sira is one of the players that is coming back to Laugu squad this weekend. He did not play the last match against Kossa because he was suspended. Dunstan Quanafia is also back to the team. According to team sources, goalkeeper James Do’oro is not available for this match and Davidson Malam will debut as for Laugu United. Malam played the U17 World Cup in Brazil and played all three matches there.

Laugu drew against Kossa last weekend and they now have the mission of winning this match to keep up with their rivals in the fight for the third position. Darold Kakasi can take an important role against Marist. He arrived to play the second round of the league and he scored his first goal for Laugu last weekend.

Laugu United players celebrating a goal against Kossa. Source: S-League media


After smashing Guadalcanal by 7-1, Henderson Eels is going to have a better challenge this matchweek. Malaita Kings is currently in the third position and they need to recover from the heavy loss they suffered against Solomon Warriors last weekend.

While Malaita Kings rested a full week, Henderson Eels has to deal with two matches in a week. It obviously affected the team preparation for the game because preparation is not the same when the available time is lower “After facing Guadalcanal we started with a rest day on Thursday for those who played the whole match. Then we made a low-intensity session on Friday morning” said Eels coach Eddie Marahare.

Eels bet their chips in Raphael Lea’i. The marvelous forward scored six goals in the last two matches and he can be a gamechanger alongside Joses Nawo against Kings. On the other hand Edward Huniuehu is having a good season and he may upset Henderson Eels defense if he plays in a good level.

Henderson Eels squad against Guadalcanal. Source: S-League media


Solomon Warriors faces Isabel United in a very important match in the title race. Warriors is still unbeaten in the league with six matches to go and they need to keep this streak against Isabel. “We need to win to keep the top spot in the table” said Warriors’ player John Alick.

Warriors is well known for their prolific attack with some powerful and amazing players like Tony Kaltack, Benjamin Totori and Dennis Ifunaoa “They are very good players and score a lot of goals. They are having important roles in the team. We are very happy to have them with us this season” said Alick.

Isabel is currently in the fourth position and they are doing such a great debut season in Telekom S-League but they know they are going to have a difficult job against current league leaders. Solomon Warriors scored 50 goals so far and allowing only nine goals – they have the best attacking record and the best defensive record in the league.

Can Isabel contradict the expectations and upset Warriors intentions? We will check it soon.

Real Kakamora is in a bye week. Oceania Football Center wishes good luck to all teams!


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