Ahau’ and Nukuhetulu to play Tongan Division I final

The Division I semifinals are over and the finalists are defined: Ahau’ and Nukuhetulu!

Nukuhetulu won Longoteme by 3-0 to secure a spot in the final match. Nukuhetulu ended the regular season in the second place while Longoteme ended in third while Ahau’ won Houmakelikao Steeler by 1-0 and advanced through the final of Tongan Division I, the second tier of Tongan Football. The goal was scored by Fetuani Tovi in the second half.

Ahau’ squad against Steelers. Source: Ahau’ Media

Ahau’ is the biggest surprise of Tongan football this year. They returned to Tongan football pyramid this year after staying inactive for a long time. They ended the regular season in the fifth position and they managed to contradict the predictions twice after beating fourth placed Fua’amotu by 3-1 in the quarterfinals. The semi-final result against Houmakelikao Steelers was a big upset for Steelers because they ended the regular season in the first position with only two losses.

The definition of promoted teams to Tongan Premier League is still a riddle. Oceania Football Center is investigating if both teams are already promoted or not.

See more info about Tongan Division I by clicking here. Oceania Football Center wishes good luck to both teams in the final match!


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