Laveni Vaka: Tongan talent in the United States

Tonga is a small country in Oceania with approximately 108,000 inhabitants. The most popular sport in the country is rugby; its national team took part in several Rugby World Cups already. Unfortunately, football is in a different situation: although it has developed in the recent years, it is still not one of the most famousContinue reading “Laveni Vaka: Tongan talent in the United States”

OFC Champions League is Back!

After three years of inactivity, the largest club competition in the South Pacific is back. The OFC Champions League will begin in June with a new format with fewer matches and less travel because of flight restrictions imposed after the Covid-19 pandemic. The champions and runners-up of the major national leagues – except New ZealandContinue reading “OFC Champions League is Back!”

OFC Women’s Nations Cup groups decided

The OFC Women’s Nations Cup is Oceania’s most important tournament for women. Today – May 10th – the draw was made to determine the groups for the 2022 tournament that will give a chance for an Oceania team other than New Zealand to contest the intercontinental playoff for the first time. There will be 3Continue reading “OFC Women’s Nations Cup groups decided”

Tonga women’s national team loses again to Philippines in friendly match in Australia

The Tonga women’s national team is on a training camp tour in Australia in preparation for the OFC Women’s Nations Cup. During this period two friendly matches against the Philippines Women’s National Team took place. The first match was played on April 22nd with a painful 16-0 loss – the second match took place onContinue reading “Tonga women’s national team loses again to Philippines in friendly match in Australia”

OFC Women’s Nations Cup to be held in Fiji in July

The OFC Women’s Nations Cup is the most important tournament in the South Pacific for women- the tournament also serves as a qualifier for the World Cup. The 2022 edition has a different situation: New Zealand, which dominates the competition historicaly, will not participate in the tournament because it is one of the hosts ofContinue reading “OFC Women’s Nations Cup to be held in Fiji in July”

Tonga returns to international football after Hunga Tonga–Hunga Ha’apai disaster

On January 14th the Tongan people suffered a severe blow with the violent eruption of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcano causing a tsunami in the country and sending a cloud of ash and gas vapor into the air. As a result, the entire population had to be evacuated in a hurry, without power and communication.Continue reading “Tonga returns to international football after Hunga Tonga–Hunga Ha’apai disaster”

Alex Chin: Tongan blood in Hong Kong

Alex Chin is a professional footballer who plays for South China, in the second tier of Hong Kong football league system. Despite being born in the Asian nation, the 22-year-old goalkeeper has the possibility to represent Tonga internationally, since his mother was born there. Chin began his career at Tai Po and played there untilContinue reading “Alex Chin: Tongan blood in Hong Kong”

Ahau’ and Nukuhetulu to play Tongan Division I final

The Division I semifinals are over and the finalists are defined: Ahau’ and Nukuhetulu! Nukuhetulu won Longoteme by 3-0 to secure a spot in the final match. Nukuhetulu ended the regular season in the second place while Longoteme ended in third while Ahau’ won Houmakelikao Steeler by 1-0 and advanced through the final of TonganContinue reading “Ahau’ and Nukuhetulu to play Tongan Division I final”

Tongan leagues in their decisive moments

The football in Tonga is getting close to their final moments in the season in their both leagues – the top tier Tonga Premier League and the second tier Division I. The dominance of Veitongo in the first tier is clear and the team coached by Timote Moleni is very close to finish the seasonContinue reading “Tongan leagues in their decisive moments”

Mohammad Rajani: Tonga football needs to grow

Mohammad Rajani is a born-Australian football player that represents Tonga at international level. The 20 years old winger is one of the many footballers with Tongan citizenship spread in other countries. He was discovered by Tongan Football Association when he was 11 years old “The coach of my club in Sydney (APIA Leichhardt) went toContinue reading “Mohammad Rajani: Tonga football needs to grow”