Today at 12:00 (tahitian time) a the FTF it will be take the draw of the Coupe de Polynesie 2019/10. All the team that submitted the inscription were accepted except for AS Vaiete, which is excluded from the competition by the FTF council. All the Tahitians, mooreans teams will participate. Also there will be aContinue reading “DRAW COUPE DE POLYNESIE 2019/20”

Solomon Islands 0-5 Italy – U17 World Cup 2019 Review

U17 WORLD CUP BRASIL 2019 – SOLOMOND ISLANDS vs ITALY (GROUP F) This afternoon started the first adventure for the Solomons Islands U17 male team in the U17 World Cup that’s running in Brasil. Solomons are in a very tough group with Italy, Mexico and Paraguay. The first game that was played today was withContinue reading “Solomon Islands 0-5 Italy – U17 World Cup 2019 Review”