Kina Likiliki: I am still keen on representing Tonga

Living in New Zealand, Anthony Likiliki keeps his path as a footballer. The 20-year-old player from Tonga moved away from his homeland last year and since then he is playing for Christchurch United FC in the Mainland Premier League. Better known as Kina, he had his first contact with New Zealand when he was eightContinue reading “Kina Likiliki: I am still keen on representing Tonga”

New football technical center to be opened in Tonga

A new football technical center is going to be opened at Makave, Vava’u. FIFA have already sent some representants to take part of the opening cerimony. One of the representants is Nigerian legend Yakubu Aiyegbeni. Yakubu is a former forward that played 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. He arrived in Tonga today andContinue reading “New football technical center to be opened in Tonga”

Tonga starts preparation for OFC Nations Cup

Tonga is ready to begin the preparation for 2020 OFC Nations Cup Preliminary Round. According to a statement released by Tonga FA, there will be a trial for interested players today February 4th at 5pm (local time). The OFC Nations Cup preliminary round will be held in Cook Islands from 21 to 27 March 2020.Continue reading “Tonga starts preparation for OFC Nations Cup”

Tupapa proceeds to group stage as they hold Veitongo to a draw

The last match of the OFC Champions League preliminary stage sealed the last spot in the group stage of the 2020 edition of the regional tourament. Once again a Samoan and a Cook Islander side proceeded to the group stage, as it was in all other opportunities of the competition. Veitongo from Tonga and theContinue reading “Tupapa proceeds to group stage as they hold Veitongo to a draw”

Lupe o le Soaga pull upfront as they beat Veitongo in OFC Champions League opener

The Samoa representatives Lupe o le Soaga in the OFC Champions League 2020 started well their campaign with a win against the Tongan side Veitongo in the preliminary stage. As expected, Lupe was the favourite side for the contest and they started very strong the match, almost scoring through a shot of Lapalapa Toni thatContinue reading “Lupe o le Soaga pull upfront as they beat Veitongo in OFC Champions League opener”

Guide: OFC Champions League 2020 – Preliminary Stage

The 2020 edition of the OFC Champions League is about to start; to let you know everything you need about each team taking part in the competition we are pleased to announce the Guide of 2020 OFC Champions League. The guide consists to inform all info you must know about the clubs in the presentContinue reading “Guide: OFC Champions League 2020 – Preliminary Stage”

AJ Inia: I am keen on playing for Tonga

AJ Inia is a talented 19 years old midfielder with Tongan citizenship that is playing in the Australian leagues since the U15 level. He was one the most important players of Melbourne Knights in the 2019 National Premier League Victoria and he is now part of an ambitious project. Despite having some offers from AsianContinue reading “AJ Inia: I am keen on playing for Tonga”

Tonga: the kingdom of the Polovili family

Once upon a time in a far far away island in the Pacific Ocean a kingdom was raised… A kingdom that can be unforgettable in the history of this island. The Polovili’s reign is not an old kingdom but their subjects can expect some good things from them and it is not food or money,Continue reading “Tonga: the kingdom of the Polovili family”

Hemaloto Polovili: the key figure of Tongan Football

Football is made by various actors that together can embrace all the football community they are from. Some actors reach the privilege to be worldwide known, others can have a regional or local impact – but their importance is always there to inspire the next generations to commit to football. This is the case ofContinue reading “Hemaloto Polovili: the key figure of Tongan Football”

Tonga football season champions are defined

In the last weekend the champions of the two men divisions of Tonga Football and also the women’s league were defined in the Kingdom. Veitongo FC was already champions since the second round of the Tonga Premier League but this weekend sealed their success after they won Longoteme by 4-2; Veitongo won all 21 matchesContinue reading “Tonga football season champions are defined”