OFC Champions League qualifying stage: Veitongo and Ilaoa & To’omata is cancelled

The second match of the day (24th Feb) in Apia counting for the OFC Champions League qualifying stage between Veitongo from Tonga and Ilaoa & To’omata from American Samoa has been cancelled.

According to multiple sources linked to the clubs, the bad weather conditions forced the match to be called off; the decisive encounter between Tupapa Maraerenga from Cook Islands and Lupe o le Soaga from Samoa will be played at 3pm local time.

Ilaoa & To’omata – OFC Media

The decision is said to be taken in order to preserve the pitch conditions for the match between the Samoan and Cook Islander teams that will confirm which of the two sides will book their flights to Vanuatu for the OFC Champions League group stage.

Both Veitongo and Ilaoa & To’omata are already out of chances to proceed to the group stage as both teams lost their two first matches in the competition.


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