Hemaloto Polovili: the key figure of Tongan Football

Football is made by various actors that together can embrace all the football community they are from. Some actors reach the privilege to be worldwide known, others can have a regional or local impact – but their importance is always there to inspire the next generations to commit to football. This is the case ofContinue reading “Hemaloto Polovili: the key figure of Tongan Football”

Tonga football season champions are defined

In the last weekend the champions of the two men divisions of Tonga Football and also the women’s league were defined in the Kingdom. Veitongo FC was already champions since the second round of the Tonga Premier League but this weekend sealed their success after they won Longoteme by 4-2; Veitongo won all 21 matchesContinue reading “Tonga football season champions are defined”

Ahau’ and Nukuhetulu to play Tongan Division I final

The Division I semifinals are over and the finalists are defined: Ahau’ and Nukuhetulu! Nukuhetulu won Longoteme by 3-0 to secure a spot in the final match. Nukuhetulu ended the regular season in the second place while Longoteme ended in third while Ahau’ won Houmakelikao Steeler by 1-0 and advanced through the final of TonganContinue reading “Ahau’ and Nukuhetulu to play Tongan Division I final”

Tongan leagues in their decisive moments

The football in Tonga is getting close to their final moments in the season in their both leagues – the top tier Tonga Premier League and the second tier Division I. The dominance of Veitongo in the first tier is clear and the team coached by Timote Moleni is very close to finish the seasonContinue reading “Tongan leagues in their decisive moments”

Mohammad Rajani: Tonga football needs to grow

Mohammad Rajani is a born-Australian football player that represents Tonga at international level. The 20 years old winger is one of the many footballers with Tongan citizenship spread in other countries. He was discovered by Tongan Football Association when he was 11 years old “The coach of my club in Sydney (APIA Leichhardt) went toContinue reading “Mohammad Rajani: Tonga football needs to grow”