Will American Samoa play 2020 OFC Nations Cup qualifying stage?

The qualifying stage of 2020 OFC Nations Cup is scheduled to be played this month in the Cook Islands. The hosts must fight against American Samoa, Samoa and Tonga in the main stage of the Nations Cup. However there are some rumours that American Samoa National Team is not going to travel to Cook IslandsContinue reading “Will American Samoa play 2020 OFC Nations Cup qualifying stage?”

SIFF announces Solomon Islands provisional squad for OFC Nations Cup

Solomon Islands Football Federation annouced a 31-men list as Solomon Islands National Team provisional squad for Tri-Nation and OFC Nations Cup. The list is full of young footballers including three players that represented the country in the U17 World Cup last year: Javin Wae, Leon Kofana and Raphael Lea’i. Some important names like Benjamin TotoriContinue reading “SIFF announces Solomon Islands provisional squad for OFC Nations Cup”

Samoa willing to recruit Samoan descendants for OFC Nations Cup

Football Federation Samoa released a statement inviting football players with Samoan roots to represent the country in the 2020 OFC Nations Cup. The interested players must mail info.footballsamoa@gmail.com, smalo.ffs@gmail.com or msaofaiga.ffs@gmail.com and send videos for assessment. OFC Nations Cup Preliminary round is expected to be played next month in Cook Islands.

2020 OFC Nations Cup preliminary round: venues and dates confirmed

The preliminary round of 2020 OFC Nations Cup is finally confirmed. It is going to be held in Cook Islands from 21 to 27 March 2020. American Samoa, Cook Islands, Samoa and Tonga will face each other in the preliminary round. The four Polynesian nations will fight for a spot in the group stage ofContinue reading “2020 OFC Nations Cup preliminary round: venues and dates confirmed”

Tonga starts preparation for OFC Nations Cup

Tonga is ready to begin the preparation for 2020 OFC Nations Cup Preliminary Round. According to a statement released by Tonga FA, there will be a trial for interested players today February 4th at 5pm (local time). The OFC Nations Cup preliminary round will be held in Cook Islands from 21 to 27 March 2020.Continue reading “Tonga starts preparation for OFC Nations Cup”

New Zealand to field U23 players in OFC Nations Cup

According to a reliable source, New Zealand will send a U23 team to OFC Nations Cup as preparation for 2020 Olympics that will be held in Tokyo between July and August. All Whites head coach Danny Hay will not coach the team in the Nations Cup as well. Des Buckingham will lead the team inContinue reading “New Zealand to field U23 players in OFC Nations Cup”

Jared Clark: getting Ni-Vanuatu citizenship

Oceania Football Center recently wrote an article questioning Jared Clark’s eligibility to represent Vanuatu National Football Team. After raising the initial doubt our team started to investigate about it to find out if he is eligible or not. Jared was born in Australia in 1998. His father is Australian and his mother is from VanuatuContinue reading “Jared Clark: getting Ni-Vanuatu citizenship”

2020 OFC Nations Cup format confirmed

The 2020 OFC Nations Cup will be the 11th edition of the OFC Nations Cup, the quadrennial international men’s football championship of Oceania organised by the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC). It is initially scheduled to be played from 6 to 20 June 2020. OFC president Lambert Maltock confirmed in an interview that the next NationsContinue reading “2020 OFC Nations Cup format confirmed”