Jared Clark: getting Ni-Vanuatu citizenship

Oceania Football Center recently wrote an article questioning Jared Clark’s eligibility to represent Vanuatu National Football Team. After raising the initial doubt our team started to investigate about it to find out if he is eligible or not.

Jared was born in Australia in 1998. His father is Australian and his mother is from Vanuatu which means that he is eligible to apply for a Ni-Vanuatu citizenship – “I am currently working on it. I have sent the papers through and they are on their way to Vanuatu” said Jared Clark.

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Jared Clark

He can be called up for Vanuatu National Team when he gets the citizenship. According to Vanuatu Football Federation (VFF) former technical advisor Joshua James, VFF management is already aware about the situation.

Clark would be a huge addition for Vanuatu in the 2020 OFC Nations Cup that will be held in June. His background in the sport makes him a top player for Oceania and his European experience can add a lot to the team.


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