Tonga: the kingdom of the Polovili family

Once upon a time in a far far away island in the Pacific Ocean a kingdom was raised… A kingdom that can be unforgettable in the history of this island. The Polovili’s reign is not an old kingdom but their subjects can expect some good things from them and it is not food or money, but pride.

Timote Moleni – The King – is a former National Team player and head coach. He is the current Veitongo’s head coach. This king already made some important things and the last one was pretty amazing as he led Veitongo to win 2019 Tongan Major League and qualify for 2020 OFC Champions League preliminary round with 21 wins in 21 matches.

Timote – The King

As a king, Timote has some heirs in the succession line: Prince Hemaloto and Princess Ana, two beautiful and young siblings that are ready to shine and take the name of Polovili’s Kingdom to the whole world.

Like a good prince and a good princess, they already wear the number of the kings – the number 10. Prince Hemaloto is the most important player nowadays and he deservedly wears the Tonga’s number 10 as he did in 2019 Pacific Games held in Samoa. Princess Ana is very young but she is already shining as she wore Tonga’s number 10 in 2019 OFC U19 Women’s Championship.

Ana (wearing white) and Hemaloto (wearing red shirt) playing for Tonga

The brightness comes from inside and they do it – They ruled their country in 2019 by scoring lots of goals. Hemaloto was the top scorer of Men’s league while his sister Ana finished the season as Women’s league top scorer.

They are both young – Hemaloto is 22 and Ana is 17 – and the subjects can expect good things from them. It is obvious that one player will not change the reality alone to take Tonga to a FIFA World Cup, but Tongan people will be very proud of them soon.

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