Henderson Eels reaches the top

After two matches played on Saturday (Kossa 8-0 Guadalcanal and Laugu United 0-0 Marist), the matchweek was finally finished on this Tuesday with two important matches that changed completely the league’s course.

These two matches played on Tuesday were initially schedule to be played on Sunday but they were postponed because Charles, The Prince of Wales was visiting Solomon Islands.


Solomon Warriors lost their first match in 2019 Telekom S-League against Isabel United. An early goal scored by Daiman Gela opened the path for Isabel to win the match and reach the third position in the standings. After a 2-0 loss in the first half, Warriors had an opportunity to score a penalty early in the second half but they missed it and Thomas Amasia scored the third for Isabel a few minutes later. Warriors goal was scored by Gibson Daudau at 65th minutes but it was too late because the match was already 3-0 for Isabel.

Players fighting for the ball. Source: S-League Media


Henderson Eels faced a strong Malaita Kings side in the first half but things changed a lot in the second half. After a 2-2 draw in the first half, Eels thrashed Kings to grab three more points and take the Telekom S-League’s lead.

Raphael Lea’i was the Man of the Match scoring four goals. The 17 years old forward scored ten goals in four matches so far, averaging 2,5 goals per match. Tutizama Tanito and Joses Nawo netted twice both.

You can check the current standings and the topscorers by clicking here.


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