Samoan League trophy awarded to Lupe o le Soaga

As Oceania Football Center reported, football activities in Samoa are suspended since 19 November because of the measles outbreak that is ravaging the country. It was also reported that the 2019-20 OFC Champions League could be affected because 2019 Samoa Premier Men’s champion is supposed to play the preliminary round of the continental club championship that is scheduled to be played in December.

Football Federation Samoa (FFS) had a meeting with representants of all clubs to decide what should be done with the current football season in the country. According to people who attended this meeting, the season is over and the current league leaders were crowned as champions.

Samoan Premier Men’s League season was very spectacular with Lupe o le Soaga and Kiwi fighting for the trophy but due to the measles outbreak the season was canceled and the trophy was awarded to Lupe. They will represent Samoa in 2019-20 OFC Champions League.

Faleasiu was crowned as Men’s First Division champions while Kiwi won the Women’s League. You can check the list of winners of Premier Men’s League by clicking here.

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